MEET THE SKIRR Adventures 2024 expedition sailing staff

May 10, 2024

Sailing staff who will be taking the helms of Clipper Ventures’ high latitude sailing expedition, SKIRR Adventures, have been revealed.

Setting sail in June 2024 bound for Greenland, the 4,470 nautical mile round expedition trip encompasses stunning sailing and scenery as the yachts and crew navigate the coves of the UK’s West Country, explore the Scottish Isles, discover Iceland, and cross into the Arctic Circle. 

The specially adapted Clipper 68s, which are perfect for the challenging waters of the north Atlantic Ocean and Norwegian Sea, will each be led by an experienced trio of sailing staff for the five legs of the adventure; a Skipper supported by a First and Second Mate.

Leading a crew of up to twelve, on a route that explores some of the most remote and pristine waters on the planet, takes skill and experience. The sailing staff, who have hundreds of thousands of logged sea miles between them, are responsible for navigation and safety on board but are also exceptional coaches and trainers who will assist crew in honing and developing their sailing skills during the offshore passages. 

Followers of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race may spot some familiar faces in this year’s line up!

Introducing the Skippers for the SKIRR Adventures 2024 expedition:


Emily, an exceptional skipper with an MCA Master 200 and Yacht Master Ocean qualifications, will lead Legs 1-3 of SKIRR Adventures in 2024. With her background as a Clipper Race Training Skipper, and RYA Instructor, and previous SKIRR skipper she brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the helm. 


Nigel will be skippering for Legs 4 and 5 from Iceland to Greenland and back via the Scottish Isles to Gosport. As an RYA Yacht Master Instructor he is an accomplished offshore sailor, skipper and instructor. As well as working all over the world he has been an integral Clipper Race Training Skipper since 2013, renowned with Clipper Race crew having trained a crew member on almost every team in the past five editions. As Race Skipper of Dare To Lead he stepped in to lead the team over half way round the world when the 2019-20 edition restarted. His leadership and expertise which will be invaluable during the challenging offshore passages of this expedition. 

On the upcoming expedition he says: “I am looking forward to the SKIRR for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have visited Svalbard before but the opportunity to visit another icy wilderness, observe the wildlife and explore some of the largest islands I am very much looking forward to. Also, the possibility of visiting the Faroes, the other remote part of the kingdom of Denmark, is very exciting. I look forward to seeing the islands and experiencing some of the local culture.”


Wavy brings a wealth of sailing experience, with over 500,000 nautical miles under his belt, including 40 Atlantic crossings and several legs of the SKIRR Adventures expedition in 2023. Renowned as a highly respected RYA instructor and professional racing skipper, and previously a Clipper Race Skipper, Wavy’s expertise and leadership will once again guide the crew through the high latitudes as he skippers all legs of the SKIRR Adventures expedition 2024.

SKIRR crews will be split into watches and will be involved in all aspects of running the yacht 24/7. From helming to changing sails, taking logs to spotting for icebergs, preparing food to capturing videography, and not forgetting time to marvel at majestic wildlife, each Skipper will have the support of a First and Second mate to keep the yacht running smoothly. 

Supporting the skippers for the 2024 edition:


Sascha’s passion for sailing has been a constant thread throughout her life. With experience as Race Crew in the 2013-14 and 2015-16 editions of the Clipper Race, she’s no stranger to the challenges of the open sea. Now serving as a Clipper Race Training Mate, Sascha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role and having heard all about it from those who have already been on SKIRR she is excited to be taking part herself. 

“I want to see icebergs, I think that is the coolest thing ever. 

“I have heard all about the wildlife we can expect to see, I’m hoping for whales, seals, birds, puffins. I’m also excited that the sky doesn’t really get completely dark at night, whilst I will miss the stars, the pink skies are something new to look forward to. And not forgetting all the time we will get to spend on land exploring, I want to visit a glacier and hopefully visit some hot springs. 

“For me, and I think the crew as well, just visiting this part of the world will be a highlight, I have never been to Iceland or Greenland. From the pictures I have seen from the last trips the scenery just looks incredible. Getting to explore an area of the world that not alot of people go to, that’s exotic. 

“Another major part of this experience will be the camaraderie of sailing together, it is something I always look forward to. And for any alumni Race Crew who are used to pushing the yachts to win, getting to explore at a more at a relaxed pace is definitely something I am looking forward to.”


Rachel’s love affair with the sea began when she circumnavigated the globe during the Clipper 2019-20 Race. Since then, she has continued her journey as a Clipper Race Training Mate, sharing her wealth of experience and expertise with aspiring crew. Currently, Rachel is pushing her limits further, as first mate of Maiden currently competing in the Ocean Globe Race, showcasing her unwavering dedication to the world of sailing and adventure. 


A promising young professional in the sailing industry, Iain’s journey began with the acquisition of his RYA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification in early 2023. Since then, he has quickly ascended through the ranks. With his youthful enthusiasm and growing expertise, Iain is poised to make waves in the world of sailing. Having previously assisted with Leg 5 of SKIRR Adventures, he eagerly returns for another thrilling expedition. “The main reason I’m coming back is because I had such a good time last time.”

Ahead of the next expedition Iain explains what he is looking forward to: “While studying marine science in Oban, I did several assignments around the impacts and future projections for Arctic shipping given it is a unique, relatively unexplored ocean which is opening up due to sea ice retreat so seeing this in person would also be really cool.

“Having not visited either Iceland or Greenland before properly being able to explore both of those will be amazing. These are relatively untouched and unexplored environments so having the chance to explore them in purpose-built vessels is incredible. The sense of friendship and camaraderie a cold night watch can bring is really rewarding and it’s a really relaxed environment in which you can get hands-on and engaged with the running of the boat.”


While Charlie’s career may be in the fire service, her heart belongs to the sea. Completing her RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certification with the Hamble School of Yachting PST course in 2020, Charlie has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to her passion for sailing. Her experience as second mate during the last SKIRR expedition speaks to her competence and dedication and she is excited to return once again. 


Kitty’s sailing journey took flight during the Clipper 2019-20 Race, where she competed in Legs 6, 7, and 8, igniting a passion that would shape her future. Since then, she is a seasoned mate for Clipper Race Training and Clipper Events. She is also a professional photographer, who might be on hand to help you capture that perfect shot for the memory book.

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