About SKIRR adventures

In the summer of 1991, our Founder, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and fellow explorer Chris Bonington, sailed to Greenland’s uninhabited southernmost tip to climb the mountains around Cape Farewell and explore the East Coast pack ice. There, Sir Robin vowed to return to the High Latitudes and Arctic Ocean to bring the exhilaration of expedition sailing to people of all walks of life. The idea of SKIRR expedition adventures was born.

Using adapted, single-mast 68-foot yachts sailing in company, crews explore, over land and water, the most isolated and rarely seen part of the globe under the power of the elements and human endeavour.

Since the outset, each mission has had one goal: to explore over land and water the most isolated and rarely seen part of the globe under the power of the elements and human endeavor.

SKIRR [sker]

Vb – Move in a particular direction especially in search or pursuit, to discover and seize the moment. Origin. Mid 16th century English


Vb. To undertake a risk of unknown outcome. An exciting or unexpected event or course of events.

Landscapes of Vestmannajar Iceland in Summer
yacht navigation through icebergs and sea ice
Arctic fox carrying bird prey
Eruption of Geyser Strokkur, Iceland

Skipper and Guides

Female sailing skipper pointing at the scenery

Leading your group are two professional sailors who will have, on average, more than 40,000 nm of ocean crossing experience.

Your expedition guide is experienced in arctic sailing and exploration, fully equipped to ensure you can explore safely.

As well as outstanding sailing skills, our professional skippers have excellent people-management and leadership skills, and have played a key role coaching and developing Race Crew in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.


We are curious. We are restless. We are adventurers by nature. An expedition with SKIRR is truly extraordinary.