Skirr Adventure


SKIRR will launch with an adventure sailing expedition this summer. Exploring pristine waters and imposing landscapes, our journey to the High Latitudes of the arctic is pure exhilaration and not for the faint-hearted.

Onboard the 68-foot expedition yacht, and over land by foot, we will guide you to some of the most remote, untouched natural environments on the planet during a seemingly endless summer, with long days and short nights.

Gosport – Scottish Isles – Iceland – Greenland – Faroe Islands – West Coast – Gosport


Due to the nature of expedition sailing, you must have confidence to undertake longer and more complex passages which involve sailing at night and watch keeping systems to skirr the icy coastal waters and navigate and explore this spectacular arctic wilderness.

To participate this summer please


Icebergs in the Northwest Fjord in Scoresbysund on the east coast of Greenland.
Whale dive near Ilulissat among icebergs
Sun Voyager monument, clouds, landmark of Reykjavik city.
Young man enters the icy cold waters of Glacier lagoon

You can choose one or more of the legs and and book as an individual or small group. Crew places are limited to twelve per yacht on each of the five legs.